How we got here

We have been praying about adopting a child with special needs for a year. We always expected that we would foster/adopt a child in the U.S. Each time we discussed taking the next step there were reasons that we felt it wasn't right.

Then God showed us the struggle of children in China who have special needs and are waiting to be adopted. These children do not receive the kind of quality healthcare that is available here in the U.S. Orphans in China age out of the system at 14.

We always thought that we would adopt a boy, but our hearts changed when we saw the sweet faces of the girls waiting for adoption.

After lots of discussions, research, reading, and praying, we decided to move forward with an organization and began all the paperwork.

Then we saw her. Our hearts connected to Pippin and we have worked hard on all the documents and applications and process ever since.

Please pray for her and us as we are on this long journey. The boys are excited about their little sister and I know this precious girl will be showered with love and affection from all around.

We bought these "Baby" mouse ears on our first trip to Disney World as a surprise - planning on using them to announce a pregnancy when the time came. It was a happy day when we were able to use the picture of the ears to announce our adoption instead!